Dispatches from Resistant Mexico

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Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #1: The Congreso Nacional Indigena  (Español with English Subtitles)

14:19 minutes: Delegates from the 5th Congress of the CNI describe their mission and struggle. The Zapatistas throw a party for the occasion in Caracol Oventic, Chiapas.
Discussion of communal self-government, neoliberal threats to indigenous territories, the significance of traditional celebrations, survival through autonomy. 2017.

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #2: Defending the land, the ocean, the air (Español with English Subtitles)

9 minutes: Transnational corporations are building massives windfarms in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, claiming it is clean energy and will mitigate global warming. Testimonies by indigenous locals tell the true story. This 9 minute film gives a snapshot of the formidable struggles being waged to combat the destructive windfarms encroaching in the Isthmus  of Tehuantepec. These windfarms destroy flora and fauna, change weather patterns, and encroach on the ways of life.

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico # 3: Recovering from Disaster, Recuperating Traditional Practices, Resisting Capitalism [English y Espanol]

Activists from the Indigenous Popular Assembly in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, collaborate with the town to rebuild the ovens and kitchens where women bake the essential staples of the daily diet. Architects from Mexico City assist in recovering traditional construction methods that are better suited to the needs of the cooks, and less dependent on the capitalist market. // Reconstrucción Colectiva de Hornos y Cocinas para vecinas de San Francisco Del Mar, Oaxaca. Colaboran activistas de la Asamblea Popular del Istmo y arquitectos del D.F en recuperar construcciones tradicionales que no dependen del mercado.

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #4 Angelina Lopez Gomez (Versions in English and Spanish)

Angelina Lopez Gomez forma parte de la Resistencia. Nos muestra su trabajo de barro, explica cómo aprendió sus derechos como mujer a traves de participación en Codimuj, y porqué es importante revalorar las tradiciones indígenas. // Angelina Lopez Gomez is a potter from Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas, and sees herself as part of the Resistance. Here she shows us her work and home, discusses her commitment to indigenous traditions, and how she learned her rights as a woman through participation in Codimuj, the Diocesian Women’s Cooperative of San Cristóbal.

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #5: All of this, we are going to defend/ Todo esto, Lo Vamos a Defender (Español y __ con subtítulos en español and english)

15:56 minutos: An indigenous community in the highlands of Chiapas seeks to extract themselves from the agrochemical juggernaut. // Una comunidad indígena en las tierras altas de Chiapas busca técnicas agroecológicas para  extraerse del leviatán agroquímico


Solidarity for the Reconstruction in Juchitan, Oaxaca, after 2017 earthquake



Noah’s Ark 1994: A Neo-Zapatista Delirium

August 1994. Six months after their “levantamiento,” the Zapatistas call for a National Democratic Convention in the mountains of Chiapas. This 24-minute documentary features Marcos’ speech to the hundreds of supporters who gathered there.