Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #4 Angelina Lopez Gomez

Despachos de Mexico Resistente #4 Angelina Lopez Gomez Spanish Version (English below)
Angelina Lopez Gomez forma parte de la Resistencia. Nos muestra su trabajo de barro, explica cómo aprendió sus derechos como mujer a traves de participación en Codimuj, y porqué es importante revalorar las tradiciones indígenas.

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico #4 Angelina Lopez Gomez English version 
Angelina Lopez Gomez is a potter from Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas, and sees herself as part of the Resistance. Here she shows us her work and home, discusses her commitment to indigenous traditions, and how she learned her rights as a woman through participation in Codimuj, the Diocesian Women’s Cooperative of San Cristóbal.




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